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Dashup's Mission

Create a customizable solution to enable business to create tools they'll actually use.

Our story

Our focus has always been to create applications for businesses that they'll actually use. Over time however, this became creating the same application over and over with slight changes.

Enter dashup, the culmination of this experience, to create a system that empowers business owners to do this work themselves.

No more should businesses rely on third parties for minor changes, or be charged great fees for anything out of the ordinary.

Who are we?

We are a team of highly agile and passionate individuals that came together to create the ultimate tool for business development.

Our Vision

Most successful businesses aren't like their competitors, so we believe these busineses should have tools that fit their own systems and processes.

Our team

Small team. Big hearts.

Our focus is always to find people as passionate about the problems we're solving as we are.
  • Alex
  • Janus
    Customer Success
  • Ash
    Customer Success
  • Haris
    Customer Success
  • Danny
    Project Management
  • Val
  • Dashup Laptop Elements

    White glove service.

    We'll setup everything for you!

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