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6 Proven Ways on How to Improve Team Communication

Janus Joshua Angeles

3 years ago

For a project to succeed, good communication is key. For many teams, this means collaborating as a group and making sure everyone understands what they are doing. In order to do so, members must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. See, the importance of clear communication can't be overstated for team projects because it's often one of the most significant factors that determine whether or not a project succeeds. That being said, here are six surefire ways to enhance your team's communication and collaborative capabilities.

1. Schedule Regular Meetings to Discuss Projects

Regular meetings are essential for effective communication. Such gatherings help your team get on the same page and decide what everyone will do to contribute. That said, make sure that these meetings don't just focus on assigning tasks. Instead, take this opportunity to discuss problems, collect suggestions, celebrate milestones, resolve conflict, and guide everyone on moving forward. Team projects can often fall short because of a lack of communication between different members. It's important to hold events where people can share their ideas.

2. Be Open To Feedback

When it comes to team projects, there will always be a few members who feel they aren't being heard. This leads them to stop communicating, become frustrated, and eventually less interested. However, if you establish an atmosphere that is open to feedback and takes people's input into consideration, this could help get everyone on board. That's because people like the idea of having their voice matter in an organization. 

3. Help Members Get to Know Each Other

A team consists of several people for a reason -- no man is an island. If you want each one to perform their best, they'll have to be coherent with others. So when you first bring a new team member on board, make sure to introduce them properly to the team. Make them feel comfortable.

Additionally, it's essential that new hires be assigned mentors who can explain company culture, answer questions, and help them adjust more quickly in a different workplace. This way, they'll feel less stressed when starting something totally new. As a whole, you can also host an office party or go out on a group dinner.

This gives an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with each other without the burden of being tied up with work. Besides having fun, the goal is to create friendships and establish trust between all of your co-workers.

4. Create a Shared Calendar for Better Team Communication

A major part of team communication is creating a shared calendar where people can post their availability and check deadlines. This allows others to know who they should contact when there's an important question or task that needs to be done. It also helps, so you're able to see your colleagues' schedule and work out times for meetings, projects, and other events in advance!

5. Find a Good Project Management Tool

Project management tools and good communication go hand in hand in improving organizational performance. These software programs allow you and your members to manage tasks, coordinate workloads, collaborate, and schedule deadlines together, among other things. The best project manager tools are those that are easy to use, flexible to change, neat and organized as well as being well-supported by the developers.

6. Accountability

The last way to dramatically improve team communication is by practicing accountability. Hold each member accountable for their work and have them report back on how they are doing or what needs completing. This will help you keep track of the workload and inspire members to be more proactive about getting things done. You also want to encourage your team members to own up to their mistakes. Finger-pointing and blaming are the worst things that can cause a project to crumble down.


Effective communication is a crucial element to project success. If you wish for your members to become more productive, make sure to follow the steps above. You'll be reaping results in no time!

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