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7 Productivity Hacks To Get Things Done Efficiently

Janus Joshua Angeles

3 years ago

 We all have the
same problem -- the struggle of getting things done. We are constantly being held
back by our lack of focus and overlapping responsibilities. Busy days can leave
you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It leads to poor performance and subpar
results. While this blog won't magically finish your tasks for you, it'll help
you complete them more efficiently. That said, below are seven effective
productivity hacks that applies to work and life in general.

1. Get Rid of That ‘I’ll Do It
Later’ Mindset

typically starts with an easy task that you put off for later. It's either
because you don't feel like doing it or that it seems too hard. But the longer
these tasks go unattended, they grow in magnitude until they're almost
impossible to finish, pushing them back even further into your 'to-do list'.

ultimately leads to more procrastination, increased stress levels and wasted
time. To avoid this, try to tackle your tough tasks right away. This will
jumpstart your momentum and you'll breeze through the entire process later on.
The thing is, you just have to identify what triggers yours, and then
preventing those things from happening.

2. Use a Task Management Software 

those who prefer visuals, nothing's better than an interactive task management
software to keep yourself on track. Fortunately, you can easily hunt them on
the market for affordable prices. Most provide flexible templates to help you
get started with your own list-making exercises.

all these apps vary in terms of features and functionality, one thing they have
in common is the ability to prioritize tasks based on importance. On top of
that, they can remind you about incoming deadlines through notifications or
push messages.

Take Down Notes

human brain can only store as much information. It's only natural that you run
into memory blocks when trying to recall a piece of information. That's why
it's essential to be able to access relevant bits of data at any given time,
which can be done by taking notes. For example, if you're struggling with
overlapping tasks and responsibilities, type them down on your management
software. This way, you won't miss anything and you can spend ample time on
each one.

4. Reduce Time Spent on Social

smartphone is man's best friend and greatest enemy in today's age. As much as
we love scrolling through our social media feeds, it's one of the biggest time

you want to be more productive, spending less time on social media is the most
efficient route. Do this by setting limits on how much time you visit social
sites or if you're keen enough, keep your phone away when at work.

course, you don't want to miss out on emergencies or important announce. It
won't hurt to check your phone as long as you don't get carried away and end up
not finishing the task at hand.

5. Automate! 

thing that makes this generation more efficient than people from a century ago
is the ability to delegate tasks to machines. Why waste your energy when a
robot can do it better, faster, and more accurately?

said, there are many ways to automate mundane tasks. You can start by
optimizing your email and filtering spam messages. You might also want to
consider using an automated assistant like Siri or Cortana to remind you of upcoming
appointments. You can even automate data entry, voice recording, and finances
nowadays. Thanks to tech, the possibilities are endless!

Use the Pomodoro Technique

management is crucial to becoming more productive. Experts from different eras
have formulated various methods to manage time effectively. One that stood out
the most is the Pomodoro technique created Francesco Cirillo during the 1980s.
It uses a timer to break down work into intervals, usually 25 minutes long, and
separated by short breaks. The purpose is to divide work into manageable
portions, while completing each task in a timely manner. Of course, it is up to
you to experiment on what intervals suits you best. It's different for every
person. Some people are more effective within ten minutes while others can last
up to an hour.

Don't Bring Any Work to Your Home

one's pretty difficult to achieve, considering how busy most of our schedules
get. However, try to finish your workday in your workplace. The home is a place
of rest and it shouldn't be associated with work-related responsibilities. But
if you ever need to work at home, don't let it eat up all of your time.


productive starts with a well-performing mindset. Once your brain knows what to
do next, your body, energy, and motivation will follow suit. Make good use of
the seven productivity hacks

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