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How to Work from Home Effectively

Janus Joshua Angeles

3 years ago

Vaccines might be out, but the pandemic is far from over. This means more and more people are working remotely because they can't risk transmission from their offices.

Are you one of those forced to work from home? How is it? Do you feel less productive and unmotivated? You're not alone! Most of us seem to be facing the same dilemma. 

To make things easier, let's discuss some work from home tips that will help you become more productive while still taking care of your daily responsibilities.

Understand Your Work Process

Before you start, it is important to figure out how you will operate in this new setting. Most people find it difficult to adjust because they don't have a clear idea of what needs to be done.

  • Does your boss require you to maintain a 9-5 schedule or grind 8-hour shifts? 

  • Are you free to work anytime you want as long as you keep up with the deadlines?

  • Do you need to download apps like Zoom, CanVa, Trello, or Slack?

  • What is the internet speed required for you to perform your tasks efficiently?

Ask your boss or client for clarification. As for me, I can work any time of the day as long as I can submit the required articles on time. The best way to know what works best for you is trial and error. Try various working hours and settings until everything feels right. 

Establish a Work Space

Just because you're not at the office doesn't mean your workspace shouldn't resemble one. Designate a private place in your home where you can operate in peace. If you can, try to avoid the living room as it's the noisiest where everyone likes to hang out.

More importantly, remove anything else from your work area that can distract you from work. Keep your desk as minimalistic as possible. But of course, different things work for different people. Don't be afraid to try things out until you can feel comfortable with your workspace. 

Maintain a Routine

The biggest enemy of working remotely is procrastination. It's easy for the day to slip away without getting any work done because you're distracted by different tasks like browsing on social media or binging on the television. 

To avoid this, establish a routine that guides you through the things you need to accomplish each day. Honor this routine as if your boss is personally around keeping tabs on you. 

Don't underestimate your duties and spend the entire day snuggled up on your bed. The earlier you can finish your tasks, the more leisure time you're going to have. Quite a nice incentive, right?

Dress Up

Hey! You don't have to suit up as if it's your first day at the office. However, you should wear the right clothes even when working from home. This means putting on pants and a shirt instead of working on your pajamas. Doing so sets your brain up for work mode rather than recreation and leisure activities.

Start your day by hopping on the shower as you'd normally do when going to the office. Eat breakfast early, and you'll be more than ready to tackle your entire day!

Get Moving

One of the most significant benefits of remote work is eliminating commute time. Unfortunately, it can also be the cause of your downfall. The idea of not having to commute makes you complacent. Before you know it, you'll be spending the entire day in front of your laptop.

A sedentary lifestyle not only affects your health. It also encourages laziness, making you unproductive. But it doesn't have to be this way. Since your schedules more flexible now, take it as an opportunity to work out! 

Go for early morning walks using the time you would be spending battling the traffic. As you get stronger and more confident, proceed to more advanced exercises such as yoga, cycling, swimming, or weight lifting.

Limit Your Breaks

When it comes to productivity, taking a break is essential to refresh your mind. But you shouldn't get carried away, especially with the comfort of working at home. Plan out your schedule and ensure that your workflow has gaps for something else in between work sessions.

However, don't overspend on your breaks! If your breaktime says 10 minutes, then follow it. After it's over, bring yourself to get back to work immediately. This helps avoid sloppy work and missed deadlines.

Maintain a Clean Home Office

Working from home is the best because you get to eat snacks while working or play with your pets. Just remember to clean up food wrappers, plates, or any clutter on your desk. A dirty workspace affects your focus and a disorganized one damages your morale.

Wrapping Things Up

Working from home shouldn't be any different from operating at an office. All you need is discipline. Don't take things for granted. Do what you can at the moment and do it with your absolute best. That way, you can keep being productive and successful. Good luck!

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